Huawei is allowing third-party applications for its wearable devices

Huawei Company is doing well with its wearable devices. It’s struggling in the face of continued US sanctions. Huawei’s smartphone business saw a 42.4% decline in shipments over a year. While it’s a wearable device a smartwatch jumped 90% in China and Asia. However, this smartwatch was reachable 50% to the world.

According to some sources, Huawei is slowing down its production of new phones this year. While it’s more focused on allowing third-party apps for its wearable devices.

Smartwatches from Huawei run LiteOS. LiteOS is proprietary software that is not supporting third-party apps currently. Now the company is allowing its wrist wearable devices to third-party applications to attract buyers. Moreover, the company has released the famous fitness app “Fitify” for Watch GT 2 Pro.

Huawei is planning to work with independent developers and brands to allow their apps for a growing portfolio of wearable devices. According to Derek Yu, VP Huawei CEE & Nordic at Huawei Consumer Business Group, wearable products shipments were about 10.7 million all around the world in Q3 2020.

He further said we have gained marketing shares for the category across different geographies. He also added that wearable devices are becoming popular. Also can also be a part of the Huawei App Gallery and Wearable devices ecosystem.

In order to attract the developers, Huawei is planning to provide one-stop, full-spectrum solutions for every application content creator, covering the complete cycle from ideation and distribution to working, operations, and data analysis.

Besides this, the company has developed unique integration kits to allow developers to enhance the AppGallery listing for their applications.

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