iPhone Cheese Grater design Patent surfaced – Brilliancy or Blunder?

Apple always comes up with different designs and something innovative. Mac pro’s cheese grater design was also an example of such innovation. Though Apple introduced this mild lattice appearance on Mac Pro and Pro display XDR in the past. But now some rumours are flying in the market that Apple is going to expand this design to other devices. From other devices, we are referring to iPhone and Trashcan style Mac Pro cheese grater design. And the source of all this information is not any tweet. It’s according to the recently consented document Filing.

Apart from the external appearance, this design has a special purpose. Apple constructed a spatial array of wholes using aluminum. So, this construction resulted in a lattice pattern “Cheesegrater”. That can provide better ventilation for the system to cool down while running a high-end processor. It was very light-weight as well as rigid.

The Patent Filed

Let’s get into further details. This new report first noticed by Patently Apple. Whereas the U.S. Patent and trademark office permitted it. The patent was titled ” Housing construction” as it covers the expansion of lattice patterns to other devices, like the iPhone.

The actual purpose of cheese grater lattice design for more apple devices

Everyone knows that electronic devices generate an ample amount of heat while working efficiently. Though we have seen technology growing fast still we haven’t come across the best heat dissipation strategy. No one has come out with an effective plan to distribute or reject that heat.

Because of this lacking the excessive heat generation by electronic devices heats the whole system in a short period. As a result, the device loses the actual performance and quality that it can actually give. Gamers often come across this problem during heavy usage.

Considering the above-mentioned realities, Apple came up with the idea of a cheese grater lattice design. Apple believes it to be the ultimate solution for heat dissipation. As this system is capable of better ventilation. And because of its greater surface area, it can easily cool the system.

The Apple’s cheese grater lattice design

The patent says that these patterns will be positioned next to the heat-generating devices to enhance the heat transfer for better performance. Because they will be able to further push their processor for more temperature. So they would ultimately accomplish the goal of better performance.

These enhanced levels of heat removal, as described above, can result in significant performance gains for the electronic device. And can allow for the use of components or operating levels that, heretofore may not have been achievable with existing three-dimensional structures.

The usefulness of the lattice pattern for the iPhone

The photographic demonstration below is from the actual filing. Through this, Apple explained the actual idea of lattice miniaturized to be fixed in an iPhone’s outer and rear frame. Besides thermal control, there are more benefits of this design too. This design will also improve the grip in device holding. Whereas, we can count the distinctive design as a plus point too.

Picture showing US Patent filed for Apple iPhone Cheese Grater design
Patent for iPhone Cheese Grater design

Moreover, another appreciatable advantage of this lattice pattern is, that it would increase structural strength without exceeding the thickness or weight of components. As the companies couldn’t achieve device stability without increasing the thickness yet. This design with a spherical array will provide a better passageway. Cheese grater design iPhone will result in a stiff and thin device production which will be lightweight too.

When used as a housing or other structural component of an electronic device, a three-dimensional structure. As described herein can provide a high level of strength and stiffness to weight ratio to the device. Traditional structures often achieve enhanced stiffness or strength by thickening or enlarging certain portions of the structure. This often increases the weight and size of the electronic device which may not be desirable to a user. The three-dimensional structures described herein can include. For example, an increase of passageways serves to greatly enhance the stiffness of the three-dimensional structure. Without significantly increasing the size or weight of the structure. Thus, a relatively lightweight, yet extremely strong and stiff electronic device can be produced.

Cheese grater design can give an aesthetic appearance to the iPhone

Moreover, they also stated about pleasing visual effects. According to them giving different colors to the different regions can give an aesthetic appearance to the device. Well, I think that’s true. The users will get excited to put their hands on something aesthetic if this comes true.

Enhancement of durability

We have observed that the durability of electronic devices is always ignored. So with this design, Apple will be able to increase the durability of its device too. Because the lattice inside the iPhone will make it rigid and strong. So stronger the device, the longer you can use it

The patent highlighted some points about sheilding too. Apple claimed that this cheese grater design can also provide the sheilding to the device with the better airflow. Particularly the shield against (EMI) and/or (EMC) noise.

Cheese grater design for Trashcan Mac Pro

Apple didn’t keep the idea centered on the iPhone only. It seems like they are thinking to redesign the Trashcan Mac Pro of 2013 too. Apple also illustrated that how the cheese grater lattice design will work in it. Well, it feels nice to see Apple implementing the newer design in older models. Because I think there are so many people who prefer to buy older model as it is cost-effective for them.

The reversal to trashcan style is not so appealing. Because despite the evolution of Apple silicon ‌, the machine will look like the Mac mini. Well, looks matter less than the specifications. A less heating system is always better. So we think that Apple’s next generation of mac pro will rock too.

This patent filing does not prove that Apple will commit to everything that is said. This patent gives the idea of Apple’s research areas. At least this patent give us the hint, that Apple is looking forward to bring lattice pattern in future. So we should be ready to see more Apple devices with the design..

Cons of this design

Apart from all the all benefits of this design. I think there are few cons too.

What about the dust and water resistance? The patent didn’t discuss anything in that area. We don’t live in a dust-free area. In the past when I was using a PC instead of a laptop. I remember the dust filling in the small ventilation windows. I always had to remove it with a brush to keep it clean.

Whereas the speaker and the C cable opening are the only point of water inlet in the phone nowadays. If this design comes into existence the device will badly lack the water-resistance Because of multiple cheese grater design openings.

Well, I don’t think Apple will neglect such an important aspect. Because we have seen that Apple is producing waterproof electronics for a long time now. So it will not do this mistake. Or maybe the device performance rule out the issue. Let’s wait for it.

Well then stay tuned. We will surely bring more details about Apple devices for you. While waiting you can read about more Apple products in our Tech News Section

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  1. Brilliancy or Blunder?

  2. The reversal to trashcan style is not so appealing. Because despite the evolution of Apple silicon ‌, the machine will look like the Mac mini.

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