New LG rollable

The Production of New LG rollable stopped by LG!

Many amazing smartphones are in their production mode and we are excited about each one of them. Similarly, LG rollable smartphone was also at its peak of production. LG was going to reveal it soon. But now it looks like the company will take a break from the development of this device along with two other handsets.

According to a report  BizChosun, the South Korean tech expert has halted the development of three OLED display projects. Everyone guessed that these displays were of the upcoming handsets that are the LG rollable and other foldable devices as well.

Furthermore, we also got to know BOE is claiming its production cost from LG. As we know that BOE was one of the developers and other handset OLEDs. Additionally, we are still unaware that what will BOE charge as production has been stopped. But we still have some leaks about that too.

An industry insider stated that:

“Because the development cost per smartphone model is about 10 million dollars based on Korean panel makers. He said they are looking for a smaller amount from the BOE. He further added: “we set the mass production target as low as 100,000 units. We will not or have accumulated a lot of supplies.”

The LG company has been unlucky in sales in the last couple of years so we think that the reason LG rollable production has been stopped, is its flop in the Mobile division. To compete for the market again, this company was busy making new innovative handsets like LG rollable. But the recent LG wing fall in the sale might have shaken the company’s confidence.

After the company’s sad announcement about an amazing and innovative handset, that LG rollable production has been stopped. Let me give you a look back at the teaser of LG rollable released on CEO 2021.

New LG rollable

We can only hope, that LG gives a second thought to this decision-cum-rumor that “LG rollable production has been stopped” because LG rollable model looks appealing.

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  1. Concept is amazing, looking forward towards the release..

  2. What are the expected price in Pakistan?

  3. Finally a big change

  4. I wonder if it’s gonna be a hit or a flop

  5. Interesting

  6. Concept is amazing!

  7. LG rollable model looks appealing.

  8. LG rollable model looks appealing.

  9. the development cost per smartphone model is about 10 million dollars based on Korean panel makers.

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